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Poor quality education and the relatively high prevalence of certain diseases amongst the population means India is risking its future economic growth by underinvesting in two key areas important for workforce productivity. Human capital is a measure of the education and health levels in a population, expressed as the number of expected years lived between the age of 20 and 64. It is considered an important determinant of economic growth. By taking into account life expectancy, functional health, years of schooling and education quality, the quality of labour generated within a country can be estimated, compared with other nations and areas for increased investment focus identified.

We want to create awareness amongst the real people about their health, education for basic rights, Assist them to recognize and improve them potentialities through skill formation, knowledge sharing and trustier of technical know how, guide them to general economic benefit for promoting sustainable development in the rural economy.

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Besides "M/s Satya Narayan Medical Stores"

Vill+Po.- NURKONA, Dist - PURBA BARDHAMAN , PIN -713403 , West Bengal , India.

Phone-+91- 9547144819 , Email ID - official@littlehailstone.com /littlehailstoneofficial@outlook.com

If Any Doubt Please contact with us, Mob- 9547144819

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