About Us

Little Hailstone is a Charitable organization It is established at 25 September 2010. It has a vision of an Awareness among Society, It is always strived to tackle awareness at two eves both economic and social, Little Hailstone believes that economic awareness cannot be overcome by investing material resources, but to overcome by investing challenging material. It not only needs involvement or participation but it needs a change in the attitude of the people. Little Hailstone relents lastly working to achieve the objectives of eradication of economic awareness and inimical practices.

Poor quality education and the relatively high prevalence of certain diseases amongst the population means India is risking its future economic growth by underinvesting in two key areas important for workforce productivity.u00a0Human capital is a measure of the education and health levels in a population, expressed as the number of expected years lived between the age of 20 and 64. It is considered an important determinant of economic growth.u00a0By taking into account life expectancy, functional health, years of schooling and education quality, the quality of labour generated within a country can be estimated, compared with other nations and areas for increased investment focus identified.

u00a0 u00a0u00a0We want to create awareness amongst the real people about their health, education for basic rights, Assist them to recognize and improve them potentialities through skill formation, knowledge sharing and trustier of technical know how, guide them to general economic benefit for promoting sustainable development in the rural economy.

The foundation has three main program goals

  • Awareness Camping:
    • Mental Disease Awareness Programme and Bulleting,
    • Diabetic Mellitus Awareness Programme and Bulleting,
    • AIDS Awareness Programme and Bulleting,
    • Child Health & Mother’s Milk Awareness Programme and Bulleting,
    • Human Trafficking Awareness Programme and Bulleting,
    • Child Diarrhea Awareness Programme and Bulleting,
    • Health & Sanitation Awareness Programme and Bulleting.
  • We Provide in Awareness camp:
    • Free Health Checkup
    • Free Medicine (Herbal & Homoeopathic Drugs) Provide.
    • Free Testing /Pathological Programmed.
      Blood-Sugar, Hb%,
      Urine- Urea, Acetone, Albumin, Glucose.
  • Volunteer Tranning to make the Pillar of Awarness.

To fulfil the above said Vision and Missions of the Little Hailstone, we have five main objectives and always strives tou2026

1. Awareness Generation Camping:Public awareness is the public level of understanding about the importance and implications of health, education and other social issues like human trafficking, child labour, early marriages, gender-based violence, school drop-out etc. Raising public awareness is not the same as telling the public what to do, it is explaining issues and disseminating knowledge to people so that they can make their own decisions. High public awareness occurs when a significant proportion of society understands the importance of it. In every year, we arrange about 6 camp at club, school, religion organisation(like church),fair or other place in various area.

2. Family Planning Awareness Camping: There are various government programme for family planning but the public should understand the real issues about uncontrolled population growth. People should be aware so that they can make their own decisions. In awareness camp, we aware the people about family planing.

3. Health & Sanitation Management.

4. Volunteer Training: